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Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada I was an auditory child from the get go.  From my earliest recollection I was doing accents, and voices around the age of 8.  Having a love of music I was a trumpet player in concert, and jazz bands in school.  After High School I took my love of music to the West Coast to attend an Audio Engineering school.  Recording accents for radio plays, picking up on different accents from around the world when living in Vancouver.  

After years of trudging through boring jobs, and jobs which gave me no pleasure I entered into a Radio Broadcasting school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Upon completion of the program I worked in radio before realizing it wasn't for me.  A couple years after leaving Radio I was told about being a voice actor.....and the rest is history!

My strengths lie in bringing scripts to life, doing weird voices, accents to name a couple.

Since finding my niche doing Voice Overs I work full time as a Freelancer doing Voiceovers as well as my own YouTube Videos highlighting Alberta Highways.  

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