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What I've Done


I have worked with some fantastic clients who have YouTube channels, and it is always a pleasure to read for these amazing channels.  

Radio show microphones

Educational Scripts

Some clients are needing a more polished voice for their educational scripts.  There have been some absolutely amazing scripts coming across my desk, but some of the most memorable are.

Financial stability, stock market advice, how to videos for a variety of niches, informational Law videos, and crypto currencies. 

A Man and a woman participating in a rad

Video Games/Animations

I have been fortunate to be able to have voiced a number of character voices for videos games, as well as animations.  One of the best aspects of this type of Voice Over is the ability to come up with a characters voice.  Due to the number of accents/voices I do there are times when a handful of voices are needed....this is where I come in!

Radio Interview
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